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National President

Brothers in Arms Military Motorcycle Social Club, Australia (BIAMMSC) is an organisation that allows for regular, reserve and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force (Navy, Army, and Air Force) and Allies to regularly catch up for rides, social gatherings and club meetings with the comradeship and brotherhood bond that was developed from our military service. BIAMMSC is 100% Military.
The Club was formed Nationally in Australia mid 2008 having followed the correct protocol with other Club's and ensured that our strict guidelines were adhered to for all potential and subsequent members of the Brothers in Arms MMSC.
Brothers In Arms MMSC does not wear a back patch and we are not interested in any club politics, we just look forward to catching up with one another whenever possible on a ride or over a refreshing ale! We have our meetings on the first Saturday of the month and also do our best to have a minimum of one ride per month, sometimes it's a day ride and sometimes an overnighter!?

We make sure that we catch up with our local Vietnam Veterans MC chapters on a regular basis.  Whenever possible we also attend shows and rallies hosted by other clubs.
The club has three types of membership; Full Member, Support Rider & Supporter. To apply to become a Full Member of BIAMMSC you need to be a serving or ex-serving member of the Australian or Commonwealth Forces and/or Allied Forces and hold permanent residency or Australian Citizenship.
You need to have completed at least 3 years Military service for ex-serviceman and this is to be documented and will be verified by BIAMMSC.
Individuals who completed less than 3 years service but were discharged for combat or deployment related reasons may be considered on an individual basis.

Members of the Reserve Forces are permitted, but must have completed 4 years reserve time. You have to own a Motorcycle with an engine capacity exceeding 600cc, which is road worthy and road legal.
You are to be over 18 years of age. Be an active member of the club, attending at least one function a month. If you are deployed for serving military members this will be waived.
We have members in QLD, NSW and Victoria. There is a fairly strict and none too short, probationary or 'Nominee' period, during which the nominee will be required to show commitment to the club and demonstrate the ability to fit in. Of course, the nominee period also acts as a deterrent to any 'patch collectors'.
BIAMMSC has no intention or desire of recruiting individuals from other Clubs, that said if a person from another club wishes to join, he will be welcomed!

For further information please contact our

National and Darling Downs Chapter President:

Warren Strong (Wazza)

Phone: 0411 053 531

National Secretary/ Darling Downs Chapter Secretary

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